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Bristol with THE smart phone

I am not one of those who claim not being able to live without the smart phone. I do have one that is proved to be quite handy when I have to travel far for work. Yet I reckon I could do absolutely fine without it. Get some maps, buy some paperbacks, and stop worrying about work emails when away for work. Problems solved!

Surprisingly, I am glad that I have the smart phone in Bristol. Not for finding places. Still I like using traditional maps, being lost and caught by some sympathetic locals who kindly give me directions. Also, it is thrilling finding myself somewhere off the planned routes, discovering some hidden beauties and instinctively moving forward. I call it the art of being lost.

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The unofficial story of Guernsey


This is how the story went: By accident, a long established port city of England (called Bristol) met a rural seaside town of France (preferred anonymous). The illegitimate child from the love affair, Guernsey, inherited the taste of salt in its wind, the fog and the blended demographic culture.

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My “fancy” flight to Guernsey

There are many fancy things about taking a plane. Walking around sparkling duty free shops filled up with luxurious merchandise gives you the feeling of luxury whether you can afford to buy or not. Then you step into a plane warmly welcomed by glamorous flight attendants. When all are seated, plane takes off through white clouds and into a blue sky. That is the fanciest part to me: being surrounded by clouds. Even though it is not possible to touch the clouds, the visual impression is often so strong that it ignites sensual feelings. I could have felt the softness and the fragility there and then.


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Cô đơn, lạnh và buồn

Ngày không nắng và ngày không anh
Lấy ai tìm cho em trong xanh
Sưởi ấm bàn tay em giá lạnh
Đốt lửa lòng cho mắt long lanh

Đọc tiếp