Daily Archives: March 13, 2013


The Art of Punting

Punting refers to boating in a flat-bottom boat (punt) on shallow water. The Cam of England is full of punts on any day when it is not too freezing to be out and about on the water. In the picture was my punter when I was in Cambridge: a young good looking well-educated man. Elegantly, he lifted the pole up to push it against the river bed. He took us along the river telling stories about the prestigious Cambridge university which have homed some greatest thinkers…and more. There, I could admire some magnificently and solemnly standing architectures which must have seen the world change for the better. Such a privilege!

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To my best friend

I remember crying my heart out on the phone with you after I saw a picture of my ex’s new girl friend. Two year later, I found out that he was getting married. I feel normal. That is closure, dear! It took a long time. I could not have done that without you on my side all the time (even just to tell me that they are more meant to be).

So best friend, you can always  tell me about your closures. I know sometimes it’s awkward. I know sometimes it’s painful. Many times it is simply impossible to let go the past. It’s normal. I will be there for you regardless. I will tell you how silly you are. We can laugh at our misfortune. Remember that it is their misfortune not to have us in their life.