Daily Archives: June 23, 2013


One said to me that he thinks that Ed. Snowden is mad. His explanation: One should be loyal to the institute one works for regardless. I disagree. But I did stop to think about loyalty.

What is loyalty? If not for Prism leak, I could have used Google to find definitions of loyalty. The temptation was  high. Very high. But I got it under control. I can imagine that one day one will look at my search history and question my loyalty to the big society. Maybe one is looking right now. No, I am not paranoid. It is very much possible.

After all, that “Who should one be loyal to?” is more an essential question. I could have googled that as well. But I did not. It is not that I am scared. It is that I think I know the answer. “Your loyalty is not to me, but to the stars above”- a Bob Dylan’s line.

Be loyal. But don’t be blind.