Daily Archives: October 28, 2013

A letter to Miki

Dear Miki, 

I decide I will pick up running seriously as my new personal challenge: twice a week till I get really fit, and more importantly get rid of the belly you have pointed out. Probably you would ask about my reasons. Well,

Partly it seems easier to run in colder weather. Running here is nothing like when I joined you in that 5-hour mainly-jogging-plus-some-running session around West Lake in that scorching afternoon of April in Hanoi. It was hardcore.

Parks here are also quieter –which means it is more pleasant to run around and less embarrassing to pant like hell. Sadly, there is no fried egg with wormwood leaves (our “trứng ngải cứu”). I miss the one we shared in Lenin Park the other day. It was a nice day for a nice jog, was it not?

The main reason should probably be that it is time for me to stop idling around and get some real targets. Miki ah, it is scary sometimes not seeing what is coming. Everybody knows whatever will be will be, but it is not easy to not see where to aim in my walk through life. So I will run then, for a change. Sound more fun anyway, don’t you think?

Just so that you know – I have been missing you!