Daily Archives: December 16, 2013


Today is Mum’s birthday. She told me on the phone that she was very happy with the roses she bought for herself. Yep! She bought her own birthday flowers. It is not that Dad won’t buy her some. Dad will buy Mum everything if she lets him. Most of the times, she does not. It is like that Mum tries to protect Dad from having to go to the “scary” market to haggle with some “also-scary” flower ladies. Mum over protects her family. She does everything she can think of so that we don’t have to do them. When I was still at home, so often I was tempted to shout out of frustration that I wouldn’t know how to cook if she never let me cook. I never did though. I chose to move out instead. It is almost impossible to confront Mum. She overpowers me because I know how much she loves me. And I love her too. Happy Birthday, Mum!