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The party called King’s Day

On King’s Day, the whole city of Amsterdam turned into one big orange party with celebrating music and exuberant crowd.


Boats are overloaded with party goers, drinks and speakers. They packed the criss-cross canals of  Amsterdam centre. Some boats are made by floats tied to each other and covered in orange canvas. I was surprised they survived the craze of traffic along the canals.


Bridges are overloaded with people enjoying drinks, food, and music that came out from nearby restaurants/bars or passing boats.

Streets are overloaded with traders. They set up “stores” in every corner to sell everything from books and clothes to laughing balloons. I was told that many people camped over night to get a good spot for their “stores”.


I also did see a lot of plain marking like this four or five days before King’s Day. We felt like a real Dutch when we bargained for some speakers in our neighbourhood park.

I have never seen any party that widespread and crazily friendly. People traded, danced, got drunk and high. There were plenty of food, drinks, laughter and joy.  Just amazing!


Người mẹ

Chị cao, thon và tóc vàng – rất điển hình của những phụ nữ Hà Lan mà tôi đã từng gặp.

Chị mặc quần jeans và đi bốt thị thành. Bốt của chị cao quá mắt cá, vừa chạm tới gấu quần, đi cùng một tông màu nâu nhạt với chiếc quần jeans. Tôi ấn tượng bởi khiểu thẩm mỹ của chị.

Con gái chị chạy chơi ở gần đó. Cô bé tầm tám tuổi, cao gầy và ăn mặc có gu. Đứng là mẹ nào con đó.

Hai mẹ con chơi cùng nhau trong công viên tạo nên một bức tranh đẹp nhẹ nhàng trong mắt người qua đường.

De moeder

Ze is lang, dun en blond – heel typerend voor de Nederlandse vrouwen die ik heb gezien.

Ze draagt ​​een casual jeans met stad laarsjes. De laarsjes zijn net boven haar enkles, en aanraken een beetje de machetten van haar jeans. De dentieke lichte bruine kleur van de laarsjes en de jeans maken ze een perfecte stel. Ik kan je vertellen dat ze een goede smaak heeft.

Haar dochter speelt  in de buurt. De dochter is ongeveer acht, mager en smaakvol gekleed. Zo moeder zo dochter.

Samen in het park, vormen ze een beeld dat is vrij aangenaam voor de ogen van de voorbijgangers.

The mother

She is tall, thin and blond – very typical of the Dutch women I have seen.

She wears casual jeans with city booties. The boots are just above her ankles, and slightly touch the cuffs of her jeans. The boots’ and the jeans’ identical light brown color makes them a perfect match. I can tell she has a good taste.

Her daughter is playing nearby. The daugher is about eight, lean and tastefully dressed. Like mother like daughter.

Together in the park, they make up a picture that is rather pleasant to eyes of passers-by.