Daily Archives: April 19, 2014

Project A’dammer

20 April 2014 marks the end of my first  six months in Amsterdam.

So I feel like it will a good date to start a new project to decode A’dammer. No matter how beautiful tulips and canals are, people in this land attract me a lot more. I am impressed (and intimidated) about their amazing English. I admire their tolerance and patience with people of differences. I like their liberal and free lifestyle. I want to watch, to know, and to understand about the people who make Amsterdam the loving place as it is.

So I will keep a record about people whom I know, talk to or secretly observe on streets, in parks, at cafes… Each will have a code name. Their decoding records will be kept in English, Dutch and Vietnamese. It is, on one hand, for my own sake of learning Dutch, and on the other, to celebrate the multicultural crowd in Amsterdam. I am conforming.