Daily Archives: July 16, 2014

Summer Note #3

The summer has taken a chill turn by the time I manage to write this third note. Quite often I would go out in a summer outfit and afterwards deeply regret. The weather in the northern part of Europe never seems warm for long enough to leave your cardigan at home.

The rain frequents, and sometimes stayed for a few days. I actually enjoy a drizzle when I am on my bike. It feels like the type of romance I used to love. It is not always a drizzle though. One night, I was woken up by wind whistling through slits between windows, and rain crashing down neighbour’s roof. The whole sky was weirdly lit by lightning that struck any other second for a good ten minutes. Thunder after thunder hurried to catch up. A reddish patch on the sky in the far distance made the whole scene even more bizarre. I grew up sleeping through so many torrential rains and the aftermath of tropical storms but I can’t remember wakening up to such outlandish nature.

There are still nice sunny summer days thankfully. We took out our BBQ kits and set fire to the coal. I grilled some honey-coated corn on cob and Ian made the most delicious pasta salad. I put my chilli plants on pedestal to get more sunlight. I dream of the day I see the reddish. Who to say I am a daydreamer?

chilli plant