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What I’ve found in Brugge

2015-03-31 16.19.40

Brugge is a tourist town. Period.

That of course means a lot of tourists everywhere, at all times. In the two days in Brugge, I’ve counted a great deal of teenage boys and girls on school trips. I waved to many other fellow Asian travellers. I also saw two groups of the Russian-looking elderly at a break of dawn. And European families with selfie sticks!

In the touristic Brugge, most street fronts are dedicated to more or less four kinds of store.

The first group includes restaurants, bakeries, and food stores. Basically where you can find things to eat. And food in Brugges was amazing from my humble experience. In the 10 minute-walking radius with our airbnb at the centre, there are three Michelin star restaurants. Not that I tried any but it must count for something, right. Within the same distance, I found an amazing bakery, a high end organic food store stuffed with cheese, and a vibrant outdoor market. I swear I have found the best French ham and pâté there.

The second group includes bars and pubs. It’s where beer lovers like us hang out at night, or during the day even. The one night we spent in Brugge, my boyfriend and I found this place with a 15-cm thick beer menu. I could have drunk beer with all sorts of ingredients and in all sorts of glasses. Like, speculoos beer and a horn-shape glass, for example. It’s not at the same time though, they are classy beer drinkers in Belgium 😉

15-cm thick beer menu

The third one is beer shops, also for the like of us. Hundreds and thousands of bottles. Some cost up to 20 euros per bottle. There, you can find the best of those famous Trappist beer brewed by monks. I love Trappist’s dark and deep taste, like down in the abbey I guess 😀

Last but not least, it’s all round favourite: chocolate. There are chocolate shops on the main streets door by door. On a hidden corner, down by the canal, behind the church — you name it and you will most likely find a chocolate shop. My boyfriend bought a little ducky for my 18-month old nephew. He is not two yet, and he already expresses quite a love for chocolate.

So here you go. If you like to drink beer, eat good food and nibble on chocolate, you should definitely visit Brugge. If you are into architecture, do go as well. Don’t leave without checking the Church of Our Lady, please. It is so beautiful.

I don’t know if I would go back to Brugge. Not that I don’t like the city. I love it. But all the surface has been polished up for the tourists. I found it so hard to see underneath and find the connection. Maybe if I have stayed longer…