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What I think about and don’t think about when I am running

running agains the sun

So I was writing an article for most of the morning. I wanted to have it done by the end of the day, nicely! But I was a bit stuck.

At one point, I glanced down to my belly. There seemed to have an extra layer of fat, compared with the last time I had checked. (Oh well, my boyfriend is a very good cook.)

Anyway, I decided to go for a run. I could do with clearing my mind and coming up with something punchy for the article, while getting the belly back under control.

So at 5pm, I was out of  my house and started to run.

Oaw! The park is packed with people. 

Some are lying flat on the grass reading a book. Others are having a BBQ. Then… a few pretty girls and their plentiful picnic.

I could have been any of those chilling people. 

I live so close to this park that I can even bring a blanket to sit on and a cold beer to sip through slowly. But no, no, no! I’ve chosen to work my arse out on concrete paths.


phuzz…phuzz…phezz…phezz… (that’s how I breathe, sorry)

Stop checking me out so obviously, guys!

It’s hard enough running in this heat under this bright sun. I don’t need the ticklish feeling of being watched. You guys have never seen a girl running? Oh well, there is the first time for everything.

Seriously, this is the third time I run past you. And you in orange. And you pretending to do weights. Cut it off.

whiz…whiz…phiz…phiz…(I also breathe like this)

Right, I am leaving you – the picnic gang and the people watchers. I am heading out for the canal.


Man, it’s hot.

I should have been a smart arse and ran in the morning instead. It was cool this morning. And I know for a fact that it was quiet.

But well, I have done this before, I’ll do it again.

Remember that time when I ran with that group of friends on a super sunny day in Hanoi? It must have been at least 35 degree without a single cloud. I overtook all the boys, and the rest. In hindsight, they should use less of those motorbikes and more of their feet.

Anyway, I should stop judging and bragging – like, right now!


Seriously, that little motivation from the Hanoi’s story does not last.

The heat is playing it tough. I need water. Why do I stray so far from the inner park where the water tap stands? It seems like I have been making a series of bad decisions here.

Right, I am going back. I can make it back to the water source!


Oh, somebody is working out on my path. Maybe I act nice and run around on the ground instead.

Ocha! A damn hole. My left foot again. I am just about to recover from having twisted my left ankle in Berlin two weeks ago (again, I was not drunk).

The cute guy is running over to check if I am okie. Back off, boy! Have you not done enough damage?

Man, it hurts. I am not making it to the water, am I?


Right, I admit. I might have sworn  a few times there and then.


I am picking up the speed, though the sun is damn shining.

I will be so tan after this.

Mum will not be happy. “You are getting married in like a year. You should look white and shiny for the photos,”  She would say.

Nah, I am just being mean to my ma in my head. Sorry, mother. I tend to be meaner when I am tired.


The tap, finally! Water – My Precious!

So I am back, guy in orange and girls with the picnic basket. Oh, this guy overtaking me is new, and fast. But it is okie. I am not in race.

Keep breathing, girl.


Oh, I like this song.

And you are right, U2 – It’s a beautiful day.

And now I am in the shade. It’s not so bad after all. And the guy in orange seems okie actually. Even the new guy. He overtakes me again. Quite a bit shorter of a lap. But it’s also okie. Maybe one day, I will run as fast. Maybe not.


You know what? V-day has finally come! The day I enjoy the actual run, not just the feeling that comes after the shower. How weird is it? I thought it would never get better. But it finally does.

My good old iPod just shuffles into Happy. First time I run to this famous Pharrell Williams’ track. I found it suggested on a runner’s website.

Man, it’s great! 

If you saw a girl clapping her hand and running at the same time earlier today, you must have seen me.

Because it’s what happiness feels like.

I stopped to go home when RunKeeper showed 8.2 km – just above the target I set two months ago. RunKeeper must be pleased.

I got into the shower and realised that I have totally forgotten to plan the article. But look, I’ve learnt some other solid truth:

  • Running will get easier, even if it does not seem so at all, on the first day or the hundredth day.
  • Some people run fast. Some people run slowly. Some do not run at all. It’s a choice to be made, not one to be judged.
  • Stay positive, stay happy then you will make it to the next step. Put your Happy cap on, folks!