Trivia No.4.

Today the sun was out for the first time in a week. After seven days long of everything from torrential rains to intermittent drizzle, the sky was finally blue again and the temperature went up to the ideal degree for sunbathing: 25.

Our plants seem to stand up highly and straighter to absorb the long overdue sunlight. Even the fragile coriander plants didn’t seem to mind the sun so much. I guess they had to seize the moment before it goes for another week or two.


I knew that I needed to do the same. So after spraying all the plants with plenty of water, I unfolded the deck chair and undressed (not totally, don’t worry). Normally I am not massive on sunbathing, unlike my bf who grew up being deprived of good weather. “This is for a change”, I thought.

Today I was knackered. A week of long-hour working days and intermittent meals finally took its toll. The rain didn’t exactly help because it took away my chance to run outside.

I laid flat on the deck chair like a lazy kitten, squinted at the kindle screen while soaking in the heat. My thoughts wandered off now and then when I felt the weight of the kindle and realised how weak I was. Why did I let myself so burned out? I knew this would be the consequence, but I had stubbornly ignored all the sensible voices.

The book started to get even more intense. This chapter is about the activists in America and Europe who blocked construction sites for new fossil fuel mines using various methods from building tree houses to putting themselves into the pre-installing pipes. Many had started their demonstrations peacefully until the police threw gas canisters or similar things at the crowd. Still, they kept fighting for their pristine forests and the source of life for their children and their cattle: fresh water. I put down the kindle, took some notes then stepped inside, opened the tap for some water. It was refreshing. It was quite a luxury actually, when you come to think of it.


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