Getting Married

Getting married should not have has anything to do with a big wedding. Getting married is about love, compassion and commitment, so you keep hold of the other person’s hands regardless tough long days. Your wedding day could well be one of those days if you have more than half a thousand guests and no time to eat. Ten years ago, I was on the “hosting team” at one of those weddings. Afterwards, I promised myself I wouldn’t get married if it meant I had to go through such a day. I was dead serious! But the couple has survived a lot more days that were way tougher. They are still happily married. So hell, I guess I could do it too.

Life-of-Pix-free-stock-photos-llove-hands-water-santallaI really believe it though that marriage has nothing to do with a big wedding. My fiance has recently read a lot of travel blogs. He sent me a post from a guy who advocates for travelling the world (instead of throwing a wedding party) before officially setting foot into your marriage life. He wrote something like If you still enjoy the company of each other after travelling together for a year, then it is very likely that your marriage would work. Of course, not all couples have to travel for such a long time first to stay married ever after. But when travelling together, you learn a lot about more about each other. You make decisions together, support each other and grow together. Most importantly, you know how to have fun together. So hell, it doesn’t hurt to do some travelling to top up that big wedding, right?

Truth to be told, it is not really gonna be a big wedding. There will only be a couple of hundred guests. And it will definitely be chaotic. But I do look forward to it. I like holding hands, you see.


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