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Early bird

They say early bird gets the worm. I get peacefulness going to work three hours early than most people. There is hardly any lunatic scooters whizzing past you so fast that makes you wobble. And if there is, they normally take the car lane because there is no cars either. I have the little red bike lanes for myself or maybe some paper men. I sing Emmylou out loud when I am not out of breath climbing up bridges. I can jump one or two redlights. Well, maybe five.

Then I arrive at work, get settled in a corner to watch the sun slowly coming up over still water of the canal outside. I love watching the first light of dawn and soaking in stillness before the day gets too busy. I have nice caring chats with colleagues before we all have to move around frenetically burying our heads in worries, stress and frustration.

Getting up at ungodly hour is hard. The Dutch strong wind and cold rain make it much harder on the bike. But still most days I get out of bed the first time my alarm goes off, quickly put on my bomber jacket, hat and gloves or whatever else keeping me warm, and set out regardless. Because I know a fresh start of a day is worth the efforts and a lot more.


Bicycles in Amsterdam


Bicycles are at every corners of Amsterdam. They park or simply lie on the streets. Big chain locks accompany though. Apparently, bicycles tend to be stolen because they are quite expensive. Some second-hand knackered-looking ones cost more or less 200 euros in the shop near where I am staying.

People cycle fast here. It is exciting to see them disappearing behind buses and trams or appearing at the other end of bridges in a blink. So fast and so quietly that you sometimes don’t notice the cyclist until a bell tell that you mindlessly walk on the bicycle lane, like I did one or many times.

The bicycles definitely give out a charming vibe about Amsterdam. They are old fashioned compared with motorbikes and cars but somehow very trendy here. A slower pace of fast living. A simple way of moving forward. They definitely make life simpler as it should be.