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The party called King’s Day

On King’s Day, the whole city of Amsterdam turned into one big orange party with celebrating music and exuberant crowd.


Boats are overloaded with party goers, drinks and speakers. They packed the criss-cross canals of  Amsterdam centre. Some boats are made by floats tied to each other and covered in orange canvas. I was surprised they survived the craze of traffic along the canals.


Bridges are overloaded with people enjoying drinks, food, and music that came out from nearby restaurants/bars or passing boats.

Streets are overloaded with traders. They set up “stores” in every corner to sell everything from books and clothes to laughing balloons. I was told that many people camped over night to get a good spot for their “stores”.


I also did see a lot of plain marking like this four or five days before King’s Day. We felt like a real Dutch when we bargained for some speakers in our neighbourhood park.

I have never seen any party that widespread and crazily friendly. People traded, danced, got drunk and high. There were plenty of food, drinks, laughter and joy.  Just amazing!