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Hanoi’s October



I will persuade anyone who is willing to listen that Hanoi is at her best in October. When alstonia scholaris flowers-hoa suastink streets at night, and leaves turn yellow gradually against dry breezes blowing summer-leftover heat, you will have no choice but fall in love with her. When October comes, Hanoians hastily buy Vaseline for their lips and blazers for the winter. The city celebrates her independence day with flowers and flags at every corner. Scooter-ing along the streets could give you an odd feeling of certainty that autumn has not changed throughout her thousand years of age.

This October, I sang Crawling up the hill the day after I left my dream job, hummed random made-up tunes to entertain my newborn nephew, and started working in coffee shops again. I am stocking up with the sun, the smell, the feel of Hanoi before I will leave my birthplace again. I hope I could keep pieces of her in my heart for nostalgic days to come. Just wonder if she would keep a place for me among all hustle and bustle.