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HER – the cinematic test of love theories

HER is an amazing piece of art. Walking out the screening, I was the least cynical about love and the most practical about relationship as I have ever been.

Is it possible for human to fall in love with an Operation System with artificial intelligent?

Yes, it is possible. Love is the magical thing. Anything can happen.

Is it sane to be in a relationship with an Operation System with artificial intelligent?

Probably not. There will be times in life when a hand squeeze or a waiting shoulder are what you need more than anything else.




I am going to see HER tonight in the cinema. I first read the movie’s review a few months back, and have wanted to see it since. The reviewer brought up a philosophical question of human – computer relationship. My memory of the exact words has faded, but longing sadness in HIS look haunted me ever since.

Maybe having a relationship with an Operation System is something of a “slight future”, but computer’s integration into human relationships did not just start yesterday.

I had my first online friend Nhu, way back in early 2000s. Nhu read my blog in Yahoo! 360°, and I read hers. We had similar rebellious ideas toward rules and identity. We became good friends, and still are even though Yahoo! 360° disappeared from the net about a decade ago. Now Facebook has taken over our friendship giving out only catchy status and tagged pictures.

Nhu is just one of many relationships that I have technology maintain for me. I don’t have many choices because I live miles away from my family and all my good friends. I treasure the ability to talk with my mum now and then on the phone, or chat with my best friend every Wednesday. I often feel sad afterwards because I would much rather watching mum cooking in her kitchen or riding on the back of Miki’s bike. While I need those online intangible contacts, they are not enough. I will always want more.

I don’t know yet how HER as a movie answers the reviewer’s question, but I think I have mine for HIS sadness.