Double – decker bus

Before I left Vietnam for England, my big brother insisted that I would have to check out the double-decker buses of London. He is one of those who read a lot. I wondered if he had read something about the floating-like feeling sitting on the top deck. Lampposts look threateningly closer while people look surprisingly smaller.

The man whom I once loved toured London with me through white snow-covered streets full of red double-deckers. He is one of those who take photos a lot. The above he named “London with Love”. He brought the miniature double-decker bus back with him. I was left with the redness.

I have taken double-decker buses so many times since then. Not only in London. Not only red coloured ones. I saw various things each time. Somehow I was always reminded of the two men I love/d (in two very different ways). I sometimes wonder if they would have seen the same things if they had been there next to me on the bus. Unlikely?!?


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