My “fancy” flight to Guernsey

There are many fancy things about taking a plane. Walking around sparkling duty free shops filled up with luxurious merchandise gives you the feeling of luxury whether you can afford to buy or not. Then you step into a plane warmly welcomed by glamorous flight attendants. When all are seated, plane takes off through white clouds and into a blue sky. That is the fanciest part to me: being surrounded by clouds. Even though it is not possible to touch the clouds, the visual impression is often so strong that it ignites sensual feelings. I could have felt the softness and the fragility there and then.


The same feelings exist while landing. On the flight from Gatwick to Guernsey, those feelings flied high to its own extreme during several failed attempts to land.

The sky over Guernsey island was fully covered with layers after layers of clouds. From the above, the cloud bedding looked so thick that i could have made an impulsive silly bet of my favourite pair of shoes that i could walk on the clouds without falling through.

The clouds looked so much like snow that I felt a chill running through me when the plane dived in the first time. After a seemingly few second being lost among a sea of snow-like clouds, the plane bounced off.

The second and third attemps were a bit longer. We got out of the misty net having found below threatening mountain peaks and mysterious valleys formed clouds. I was thrilled regardless a slight concern of a crash possibility. (I did rather Gatwick not the last piece of land I have ever seen. It would have been very disappointing even though i have nothing again the London airport)

The plane swirled for more or less 30 minutes to look for another chance to land. I excitedly filled my memory with the absolute white beauty. Suddenly the captain announced a possibility of landing. Passengers were hurried up back to their seats. Three minites later, we all saw the green land of Guernsey. The peaceful green! A long applause for the captain.

I was enchanted by an extra hour in and above the seas and the mountains of snow-like clouds. It seemed so unreal. I am glad to land into Guernsey though. This is where another misty journey began.


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