Not Good Enough

Today I was told twice that I was not good enough for jobs that I did interview/test for.

I was disappointed because one of them could have been the ideal job that I even haven’t yet dreamt of.

Then I started to doubt. Would I be good for anything at all? I remember having been a school smart arse who learnt most things at ease. Those days passed a long time ago. I don’t think I become stupid. Life is just much harder than school and somehow I am still not prepared.

Then I sought for comfort by talking to others about the rejections. What amazed me was a reconstructed narrative that I found alongside with comfort. I was able to see the positive items within the supposedly negative feedback. “I was not good enough” is a fact. But another fact is that “I tried”. While judges do matter, it’s the effort that counts. As long as I keep trying, sooner or later I will be better. That is how life works I think.


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