Summer note #1

The first two weeks of June saw sunny days with clear blue sky. The weather has been pretty decent: warm enough for T-shirt wearers and sunny enough for tan seekers. For me, it’s perfect weather for rides on my new bicycle. I often raced through quiet lanes to get to my Dutch language class, feeling like a true A’dammer. On beautiful days, I took my bike out and pedalled peacefully through (almost) deserted parks of Amsterdam. The quietness made my thoughts wander back to narrow streets of Hanoi where I grew up and learnt to love life. Back in Hanoi, I used to go out for street rides, but on scooter. Not many in Hanoi cycle anymore. Ones often rush ahead on hectic streets to go somewhere air-conditioned, less noisy  and less dusty. I wonder if Hanoi would ever slow down to have its people on pedals again.


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