A very short post about how I’ve challenged winter

Not yesterday sunset but equally breath taking

Not yesterday sunset but of equal beauty

So I decided that I had enough of this long cold winter. I had enough of having to work indoor, do yoga indoor and even tend to my chilli plants indoor.

Yesterday afternoon, I put on my neglected running shoes, my big thick hoodie and a pair of gloves. I headed to my park and I did 5K. I was out and about. I saw a gorgeous swan swimming along the canal. Sunset was breath taking and I was out to see it. It could have been better without the bitterly cold wind but I was fine. I was more than fine.

Today was still cold, so much that I had to use my blanket in the office again (Yep, I have my own blanket in the office but it is another story). Despite the cold and an ache in my thighs, I am so proud that I have challenged the winter. Today and probably tomorrow, winter is still gonna win over me. But I am no longer locked indoor. I am back to running. And when summer finally comes, maybe I do 10K. And Great North Run one day? Definitely!


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