The beauty of life

I am a freelance interpreter. In other words, I go around the country to help voices heard. While doing my job, I witness many life stories. Some are sad. Some are happy. Here is a happy one.

The woman has been in agony for hours. The contractions were getting more and more painful. She kept crying for her mother in her mother tongue. I did not interpret. It seems naturally obvious for us all to be in need of our mothers at the toughest moments in life.

She couldn’t push the baby out herself regardless of supportive messages from the midwife and warning ones from the doctor. The doctor decided to intervene. The woman was terrified with the probability of risks warned by the doctor. Hadn’t waited till I finished interpreting, she gathered all the power left in her body after eighteen hours in agony to push one more time. Still she couldn’t push the baby out.

Forceps were used. A long push from the woman and a steady pull from the doctor. There are voices. There are sounds. Somehow it felt so intensely quiet. The baby came out. She was shabby and lifeless. There came a cry. She turned pink so quickly, and to be one of the most gorgeous babies in the whole world. She lay on her mother’s chest and breathed beautifully. Welcome Gorgeous, Life is beautiful.


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