The Fiddler

I saw her the first time when I was wandering around Sheffield’s Heart of the City area. She wore jeans and jumper playing outside Nero among passers-by and chuggers. She was out of the ordinary somehow. I could not tell which part of her beauty struck me: her distinctive Western European features or the way she drew the bow with elegancy. I was charmed. I stopped my wander, got myself a cup of tea in the nearby shop to listen, to see, and to absorb her. I left without talking to her. I like keeping certain things un-known and un-touch while I am on the move through towns. They make the journeys mysteriously unfulfilled. They give me a reason to go back one day.

Unexpectedly, I saw her again only a few days later in the familiar street of my so-called English hometown Newcastle. She was in a glamorous dress shining in a windy morning. Her music warmed up the chill air of the early hours in the northern town. I stopped this time to talk to her. She sounds friendly. She said she travels around the country to perform. Another traveler. She said she plays in weddings. In my fantasy, I already saw her playing the white violin in my white wedding ceremony. She said I am not the only one who saw her in different places. She is not the only one whom I tried to leave behind in my wander. Fate crosses our paths once more time briefly but pleasantly. Life is full of nice surprises.


9 responses to “The Fiddler

  1. I envy you. I’d love to watch/listen to a good street performer while relaxing with a cup of coffee. 🙂

    • Have you ever been to Edinburgh? It is one city that I always found great atmosphere on the streets with amazing performers

      • Edinburgh? Hmm… Where in europe is that? 🙂 that sounds so cool! I hope that is also the case here in the philippines. Haha

      • Edinburgh is in Scotland of the UK (for now). I have been to the Phillipines so i dont know how different it is from Vietnam (or England). Back home in Vietnam we have street artists also but they are quite different to those here.

      • You have been or you haven’t been to the philippines? Hehe yeah, some of my friends who visited vietnam told me about street artists there. Painters and the like. 🙂

      • Sorry. I meant i have never been to the Phillipines before. But mate has been to Manila and i have some familiar stories 🙂

      • Oh really? You should go. 🙂 it is a mix of south east asian and spanish culture mixed with our very friendly customs 🙂

      • Ah, That sounds exciting. Yeah, i think i will go there someday. I have seen a documentary where camera crew went to the philipines to capture life in some islands. It looked very beautiful. I would like to see it with my own eyes 😉

      • YeH. Most westerners love the philippines because of the warm weather, friendly people and the natural sights to visit. I know you are from vietnam, but based on the things i’ve read in your blog, i can see that you live in the west now. 🙂

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