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Double – decker bus

Before I left Vietnam for England, my big brother insisted that I would have to check out the double-decker buses of London. He is one of those who read a lot. I wondered if he had read something about the floating-like feeling sitting on the top deck. Lampposts look threateningly closer while people look surprisingly smaller.

The man whom I once loved toured London with me through white snow-covered streets full of red double-deckers. He is one of those who take photos a lot. The above he named “London with Love”. He brought the miniature double-decker bus back with him. I was left with the redness.

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When I was a little girl in Hanoi, I loved playing in the summer rain. No hat, not umbrella, no raincoat. There were just me and the rain running down my face. I loved the smell of heated concrete yard gradually soaking in the rain. It might sound of irony but I smelled burning. Perhaps when the cold rain touched the hot concreted yard: the encounter of the two objects of opposite states of temperature, it created the burning spark. It’s chemistry. Or perhaps the smell was not even there. It was just in my imagination.

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Em sợ ngày về lạc giữa phố đông

Lạc tìm ngày xưa má phấn môi hồng

Lạc xôn xao hương nồng hoa sữa

Lạc rùng mình ngai ngái cơn dông

Đọc tiếp

Newcastle where I realise that I AM small

Three years ago, I came to Newcastle. I rent two rooms in a Victorian house. In the kitchen, I found myself standing on a chair to reach the top shelf of my very own cupboard.  Well, I AM small in height. However, I can learn to stand on “shoulders” of chairs.

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