Newcastle where I realise that I AM small

Three years ago, I came to Newcastle. I rent two rooms in a Victorian house. In the kitchen, I found myself standing on a chair to reach the top shelf of my very own cupboard.  Well, I AM small in height. However, I can learn to stand on “shoulders” of chairs.

September is the month when I first arrived. Summer had gone. The wind was turbulent. I felt as if I blew away at times. Well, I AM small in weight. However, I can learn to fly in this weather I reckon.

Newcastle is roughly 30 times smaller than Hanoi the city I came from. Newcastle is 44 square miles with a population of 292,200 in 2010; whereas, Hanoi is 1,291 square miles with a population of 6,561,900 in the same year. Relatively, I am supposed to be bigger in Newcastle. Astonishingly, I felt much smaller. 

Here, I have met and become friends with people from all over the world. Six continents if I count it right. I have learnt how different things are in some faraway lands through their people. I have been surprised at the similarities among detached cultures. I have come across countless anthropological explanations for such convergence and divergence. I have encountered diverse versions of various cultures. I enjoy the worldwide exploring journey inside this tiny town. I realise that I AM so small in the human planet. I am letting go my ignorance and coming closer to the Truth – as one might say. 


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