Lost in translation

I was sent to the pharmacy to get some Paracetamols. My sweetheart prepped me carefully beforehand because he knew how purposely ignorant I was about meds. According to him, all types of Paracetamol have the same ingredients and do more or less same painkilling thing. So price difference is about branding, not quality. The cheapest Paracetamol is likely to work as well as the most expensive one. With his words in mind, I went out to the Dutch version of British Boots to grab the cheapest Paracetamols without a second thought. I came back home with children paracetamols for anal use.

In my defence, all instructions were in Dutch. And the idea of putting painkiller up the arse sounds absurd. Who would do that?!?

Thing is that I should have checked. If I had used half of my Dutch and a quarter of my common sense, I would have had some doubts. I didn’t even think twice when the guy at the counter asked me if I knew how to use the meds. “Come on guy, I am not thick.”, I thought.

I am probably not. But I will definitely make my life much easier if I see and listen, rather than skimming and passing by.


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