We are living in the world of clocks.


We have calendars in our mobile phone, work laptop, home desktop, on our office desk and our home wall. As if they are not enough, some of us have time tracker apps, work logging software, reminder tools. At the moment, I have a calendar on my desktop, to-do-list reminders popping up every half an hour, a work logger opened since 7am, a time tracker running in the background.  On the phone lying next to my keyboard, there are three friendly reminders that I have been ignoring in the last three hours. My watch is within my reach, and computer clocks are shown in both screens. Since music is not on, I can also hear  the clock in the kitchen.


I prefer living slow: walking instead of driving; reading thick out-of-date novels instead of around-the-clock live news; cooking marinated grilled chicken instead of getting drive-through McDonald nuggets. But I surrender myself to the tick-tock devices because I can’t manage to not fall behind without them. Even though I don’t give a damn about what three quarters of the world think/do/achieve, the rest do matter to keep me on the clock with emails/messages/conversations/updates. In fairness, the tick-tock devices help. I keep up with deadlines of multiple projects that I have. I remember to call my Mum a few days after our last conversation’s bitterness has expired (No, I am not a terrible daughter like it might sound). Demonstrably, I get around to start this post thanks to an hour time slot created in my timelyapp.

Basically, I get things done. But I become hopelessly dependent on them. It is like putting my life into a massive clock on the wheel, which only moves towards my grave yard (No, I don’t mean this to be too dark).

Anyway, the hour slot is coming to an end. It’s time to move on.


One response to “Tick-tock

  1. I don’t know about the tick-tock, but I can’t live without my to-do-list even though I forget to look at it most of the time haha 🙂

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