I am going to see HER tonight in the cinema. I first read the movie’s review a few months back, and have wanted to see it since. The reviewer brought up a philosophical question of human – computer relationship. My memory of the exact words has faded, but longing sadness in HIS look haunted me ever since.

Maybe having a relationship with an Operation System is something of a “slight future”, but computer’s integration into human relationships did not just start yesterday.

I had my first online friend Nhu, way back in early 2000s. Nhu read my blog in Yahoo! 360°, and I read hers. We had similar rebellious ideas toward rules and identity. We became good friends, and still are even though Yahoo! 360° disappeared from the net about a decade ago. Now Facebook has taken over our friendship giving out only catchy status and tagged pictures.

Nhu is just one of many relationships that I have technology maintain for me. I don’t have many choices because I live miles away from my family and all my good friends. I treasure the ability to talk with my mum now and then on the phone, or chat with my best friend every Wednesday. I often feel sad afterwards because I would much rather watching mum cooking in her kitchen or riding on the back of Miki’s bike. While I need those online intangible contacts, they are not enough. I will always want more.

I don’t know yet how HER as a movie answers the reviewer’s question, but I think I have mine for HIS sadness.


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