Gardening with a baby


This is me, in my balcony garden, having a contraction. My baby was born nine hours after this photo was taken. Those tomato seedlings were then left mostly on their own until they grew big, flowered and fruited a modest amount.

I obviously went over my head that year.

When the growing season started again this spring, I stayed realistic. My then 9-month-old didn’t go to daycare and preferred being awake and playful to napping. I thought I would have no time for my gardening hobby.

Before April came, I reluctantly threw some wildflower seeds into some pots. They don’t need much care, and they are great for the bees.

By the time the weather was warm enough for my boy to be outside most days, things took a sudden turn.

He learned to walk and became strong and dexterous enough to hold a watering can. I have found myself having a diligent gardener.


As he started to eat some leafy green, I began to expand my crop. From spring onion to cucumber, from Thai basil to green bean, from mint to sage, I seem to have it all. I love the feeling of cutting some fresh vegetables and herbs to put into my boy’s food. Though those homegrown greens don’t come close to breastfeeding, they will most likely last longer into his childhood.





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  1. Haha, so lovely…

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