Trivia No. 5

Today I went swimming. It was a big deal for me because I don’t like being in the water that much. I can give you many reasons for my dislike of water. My hair is very long and thick so it takes ages to wash and dry after it gets wet in the pool. An absolutely legitimate reason! Here is another one: I get itchy legs whenever I get out of the water. It is real, I am not just making it up! I have the itchiness for years and yesterday I even looked it up on the internet.

Also, well, the main reason is that I can’t swim. I’ve had several attempts to learn throughout the years. Many people, including good friends and a concerning partner, have tried to teach me too. But the result has not been quite great.

When I was 17, I had nearly drowned in the sea so I have carried with me  the fear of not being able to get air inside my lung while getting salt water instead.

But a decade has passed me by, I should really get over it. So here I come children’s swimming pool 😀

Today, I did one length without stopping for the first time. I still refused to swim to the deep end (yeah, still a chicken) but I will try next time. Promise!


4 responses to “Trivia No. 5

  1. I’m glad that you have decided to try swimming again. It’s also a wonderful workout too!

  2. more spirit and more hopes, Quyinh ❤

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